Jonathan Schmitt • Graphic Design & Art Direction • Columbus, OH

Tarkett at Surfaces

The residential and commercial flooring client Tarkett tasked us with bringing their brand back to the Surfaces flooring show in a big way.

In 2010 we began with the iconic A-frame of a house and filled it with all the rooms and activity you would expect. The interior had family members moving throughout the house by way of seamless TV displays situated near the ground, showing where the floors take the abuse. From dirty dogs, crawling babies and kids spilling milk, these floors and house were built for life.
*Work done at Marcus Thomas

In 2011 we doubled the size of our now recognizable A-frame structure and filled the walls with quotes showing our insight to the retailers and customers needs. We also introduced a robust touch-screen display, highlighting all the programs and products offered. See the video below for a quick tour of the booth experience.
*Work done at Marcus Thomas