Jonathan Schmitt • Graphic Design & Art Direction • Columbus, OH

Lou Lou's Bakery

Louise (a.k.a. Lou Lou) always had a labor of love in making cookies, tinkering with her favorite recipes and sharing them with family and friends until they were right. Looking to take this hobby to the next level, we crafted a fun, neighborly brand that you would want to eat milk and cookies with.

A hand-drawn, script logo set the tone for the homemade, light and airy brand. The team also crafted fun names and stories behind the 6 cookie offerings, showing the playful side of the brand. The last ingredient was the packaging that included messages for you to find at the bottom of the bag, either lamenting that you had run out of cookies or urging you to buy more.

0124_Loulous branding_01.jpg
0124_Loulous branding_02.jpg
0124_Loulous branding_03.jpg
0124_Loulous branding_05.jpg
0124_Loulous branding_04alt.jpg