Jonathan Schmitt • Graphic Design & Art Direction • Columbus, OH


Jonathan Schmitt is a designer, art director and illustrator currently based in Columbus, OH. I work on logos, brand identities, packaging, websites and pretty much anything else creative you want to throw at me. Ultimately, I work on crafting ideas that are smart, creative and show your unique point of view.

t seems simple but doing this builds a foundation on which considered thinking and design can add value to your business. Whether you are a startup, Fortune 500, or a local Mom & Pop, we can develop creative thinking for your.


To you the client, the owners of your brand: 

1. You probably have a lot to say but you need to focus. Remove the clutter and noise to find that one special nugget you offer and work from there.

2. Whether you need to start small with a logo and a face for your brand or overhaul every fit and finish, make the most with what you have at hand and get into the marketplace. 

3. Everything with your companies name on it says something, so make sure each message you put out is saying the right thing.

 4. The end result can't be just pretty - it needs to work. Craft solutions that are thought through as well as produce results.




Powell, OH